Cara Membuat Tag Meta

Buat yang lagi bingung cara bikin Tag Meta ini yay sediain Toolnya.
tinggal ketik tag metanya langsung jadi :

Advanced Meta-Tags Generator Tool © SEO Chat™

The Title Tag must contain no more than 70 characters (generally, 100 characters may be indexed).

The Author Tag is for the person who wrote the material for the site.

The Subject Tag is for what your site is. Business, music, hobby, cars. Use up to 100 characters.

The Description Tag can have up to 150 characters (generally, 200 to 250 characters may be indexed, though only a smaller portion of this amount may be displayed).

The Classification tag is similar to description but more in detail.

In the Keyword tag use everything you think someone will search for to find your site. Use 200 characters.

Where are you located? Full Address

Is your site in English, Spanish, French.....?

Use "never" unless your site will expire. (Eg. Tue, 18 Apr 2006 14:57:09 GMT | Note: Requires RFC1123 date as shown here

Cache Control
Cache control level.

No Cache
This directive indicates cached information should not be used and instead requests should be forwarded to the origin server.

Who is the Owner of the site, Company Name

Zip Code
Your Zip Code

Your City, Town

Your Country, use all names; USA, United States, United States Of America, America, etc.

Webmaster name

Owner, Webmaster, Company Names.

Tell search engine how often this page updates. (Eg. 21 days | Note: Most search engines do not support this Meta Tag)

Use [Global] unless it is a [Local] only site.

The values ALL and NONE set all directives on or off: [ALL=INDEX,FOLLOW] and [NONE=NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW].

MS Tags
Do you want Microsoft products to automatically generate smart tags on your web pages.

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5 komentar:

id card mengatakan...

wow, makasih. saya sebagai nubie di blog sangat terbantu. buat bikin meta tag.
soalnya saya ga ngerti.
sekarang tinggal pasang deh di blog :D

Udiee cii Badudt Ndudd mengatakan...

infonya keren gan ;)

kalo ada waktu maen" ya ke sini .

Bisnise Mas Agus mengatakan...

Oke... sip. maju terus blogger indonesia.

fathurrohmanaji mengatakan...

Thnkz bgt,

mR.John mengatakan...

terima kasih.....apa sih kegunaan meta tag itu?

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